In this series 'Mistaken for Strangers', process of making a painting is personified.

In the first piece, by gluing a rug to a canvas then pulling it off, I am left with a partial and residual image of the rug, I then hand paint the missing image using the actual rug remains as a model, incorporating a form of printmaking with also a form of still life painting to create a image with two different touch. 

I then kept using the leftover broken rug from the previous piece, repeating this process until the rug is totally gone to make several more paintings. The rug eventually is consumed.

In 'Mistaken for Strangers ll', I glued a rug in between two canvases then used a knife to cut them apart, again being left with two ghost images which I altered through hand painting,

Title is from an ancient Chinese story ‘Mistaking each other for ghosts’, two friends encountered in a dark rainy night, both got terrified for mistaking each other for ghosts.